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 My work incorporates artistic elements with an academic approach to understandings of popular culture, particularly sound cultures. The projects below represent the broad application of my current work: from data analysis to collaborative scholarship to personal essays and even multimedia content like videos and podcasts.

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Completed as part of my Mellon Fellowship for the Digital Humanities, this project considers how housing segregation restricted not only physical worlds but also imaginary ones. It documents the boundaries of characters' worlds, setting the

novels quite literally against the backdrop of HOLC security maps. 



This collaborative project outlines the history of sonic blackface

(or "blackvoice") in American pop culture as a framework

for thinking about TikTok trends and the widespread

appropriation of Blackness more broadly across the platform.

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My first peer-reviewed article considers how the 2016 podcast Homecoming remediates classical radio drama while also drawing on the traditions of found-footage horror, knitting together various recordings to construct a complete story. Homecoming's sonic collage muddles the line between story and reality, evoking the anxiety of a post-privacy, post-Snowden America.



This podcast project, produced collaboratively across multiple departments, is an academic consideration of creative responses to climate change. In each episode, we talk with artists and experts

who work at the intersection of nature, technology, and science today. Our first season, "Water," was released in 2023. I have written and hosted episodes, in addition to being the show's primary editor.

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I look back on three semesters of online teaching and learning in this blog post for the Vanderbilt Center for Digital Humanities. I've learned a lot about what teaching can look like in a digital space,

which has continued to benefit me even as we’ve returned in-person.



In the fall of 2022 I interned with Nashville Public Radio, where I produced episodes for the station's daily show, "This is Nashville," recording field audio, reporting, pre-interviewing and booking guests, and writing scripts. Episodes I produced explored topics like school vouchers, the state of country music fashion, HBCU athletics, and Jewish identity in the so-called "buckle of the Bible Belt."

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